Kellogg's Cereal City USATM Catalog


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Apparel & Accessories
Great styles featuring all of your favorite Kellogg's characters!
Collectible Items
Items that are considered collectible.
Home & Kitchen
Serve up your favorite Kellogg's products in a variety of bowls, mugs, glasses, platters, and pitchers that feature Tony, Dig 'Em, Corny, and the rest of the Kellogg's gang.
Boxes of your favorite cereal that are personalized with your photo!
Ron Lee Collectibles
Custom Ron Lee collectibles of lovable Kellogg's characters. Collection includes Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes), Toucan Sam (Froot Loops), and Dig 'Em (Sugar Smacks).
Sale Items
Toys & Plush
All of your favorite Kellogg Characters in their softest form ever!
Vintage Kellogg
Take a step back in time with our NEW Kellogg 100th anniversary commemorative items.
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